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“I believe every person is capable of greatness.”

Leah Akoka

Founder, Wall Street

Culture is everything

At Wall Street, we believe that a strong corporate culture is the foundation for ongoing business success. Our PeopleEconomics™ framework can help any organisation, big or small, to grow their people and strengthen their culture.

Immersion and understanding

By immersing ourselves into a client’s business, we can ensure our goals are completely aligned. This allows us to gain a clear understanding not only of the business, but also what our collective success looks like.

Using PeopleEconomics™, we will ensure your people live the values and goals of your organisation, and that new team members will both complement and build your culture.

Ultimately we challenge and inspire people, to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their greatness and in turn their success.

A little history

Wall Street was founded in 2001 by Leah Akoka, formerly a highly respected people leader at Dodo Internet. As time went on, Wall Street has evolved into a leading Human Resources supplier, with clients across more than 15 industries.


PeopleEconomics™ is a 12 point framewwork designed by Wall Street that captures the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural, and workplace factors that impact the mindset & decisions of individuals and business leaders; and ultimately the performance of the business.

PeopleEconomics Infographic