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Using learnings and cultural insights derived from our PeopleEconomics™ framework, we design and implement training programs for your business using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as the backbone.

From on-the-job to classroom training, we can tailor a program for your individual needs. From industry specific training to general behavioural seminars, our specialist trainers guarantee a successful outcome for you and your people.


“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment.”

Marissa Mayer


Technical & Product

We provide you with product or system specific training as well as aiding you to rollout new software applications, hardware or tools.


Depending on the subject matter, we can customize an e-learning solution or a blended solution.


Our training programs will help develop your staff by improving and developing their behavioral skills.

We base our programs upon the fundamental principle that success is the best teacher, to do this we concentrate on motivating the participants to succeed by developing a positive attitude.

We support the internal change in oneself that is behavioral development and understand that change through fear and incentive act as short-term fixes.


All of our leadership courses are easily customizable to the goals and objectives of your business and each individual employee.

The leadership training courses are designed to improve the skillset of existing managers, prepare employees for future management roles or induct newly promoted managers.

We often underestimate the skills that are required to be a good manager and traditionally promote staff into leadership positions without the necessary training.

Wall Street has helped many people with this transition into management by providing the necessary tools and preparation.

Sales & Customer Service

From a skill set of basic up to advanced we can take your average performers and turn them into sales stars.

We provide specifically tailored sales training based on your product or service.

We also extend to courses on areas such as ‘How to retain customers,’ essentially any problem area your business may be facing.

Additionally, our Customer Service courses range from phone handling to complaint handling.


At Wall Street we believe that one of the most important and critical factors for success is communication. Proper communication can significantly enhance one’s performance in today’s competitive world.

The objectives of our range of communication programs are to improve your employees’ ability to communicate the right message in the right manner in every situation.

Our range of communication programs address behavioral and language aspects that establish effective communication as well as non-verbal aspects such as body language.

Testing & Post Evaluations

All of our training programs are tested, depending on matter absorption rates they are reported on with minimum rates agreed to prior to the training,

We also ensure that post-training evaluations regularly take place to determine the longer-term retention rate of the information taught.

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