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Position Descriptions

We develop position descriptions specific to each role in your business. Suitable Key Performance Indictors are set up and incorporated into the descriptions.

Reference Check

We conduct a minimum of two reference checks using our tried and tested template to ensure that you have chosen the correct candidate.

Police check and ‘working with children’ checks can be done on request.


We can advertise your positions in up to ten online employment websites including Seek and Now Hiring.


We handle the advertisement process for you, Wall Street will write the content of each advertisement and ensure its effective reach to provide you with the best candidates.

Self Service

We also provide you with the option to manage the advertisement and content yourself online.


Customised Induction

We guarantee that every individual that comes into contact with you and your team will undertake a customized induction specific to your environment, expectations, culture and standards.

New staff will demonstrate an understanding of your business before they start in their new position, equipped and ready.


This can be up to a 5 step process.

Development of a screening template based on the Position Description and the customer requirements.

Step 1

We will sort the initial resumes based on your initial minimum requirements.

Step 2

Phone screening using a template that is put together based on the PD and customer requirements.

Step 3, 4, 5

Face-to-face interviews with the candidates that have passed the initial screening. We conduct up to 3 interviews, depending on the role requirements.


We conduct different ranges of testing depending on your requirements.

Wall Street uses word processing system tests that check typing speed and MS Suite Knowledge.

As well as technical testing for specific positions such as Computer Programming Tests suited to specific languages.

If required, we can conduct psychometric behavioral tests. These tests are priced and designed as per the role.

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